About Us

Boxstar Media Group, LLC is a non-traditional advertising and promotional marketing company in Dallas, Texas.

To us, “placed-based” means customizing an actionable message and/or promotional offer and placing it directly into the hands and homes of actual, recent purchasers of relevant products, with guaranteed:

  • delivery
  • viewing
  • exclusive presentation
  • zero waste

We are veterans of new media, with years of experience in out-of-home and social media, trend-influence and guerrilla marketing, and related technologies.

We have worked with such notable clients as Allstate, Apple, AT&T, Audi, Bacardi, Chase, DreamWorks, GM, HBO, HP, Kraft, Lancome, Leo Burnett, Motorola, Nokia, Overstock, Samsung, Seagrams, Sony Pictures, US Air, Verizon, Woot! &  many more.

We pride ourselves on the creation of innovative media products and methods and their execution within undiscovered distribution channels.

We love finding new and inventive ways to help companies reach specific consumers in a crowded marketplace!

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