For Advertisers

Boxstar AdLabels are hand-delivered to actual buyers of products highly relevant to your brand.

Behavioral studies have found when active consumers buy something, they often follow up with similar and related product and service purchases close to the sale. AdLabels help you reach these buyers by instantly placing ads on outgoing packages containing just-sold products compatible with your brand. Brands can now intercept/influence that next purchase with a message, promotion or offer on boxes delivered to known consumers who just bought a corresponding and relevant item.

Target consumers in-home and in-office by purchase behavior and product category.

We consider AdLabels a type of non-traditional media “hybrid.” They are place-based (homes and offices), a bit like out-of-home (on the way to their destination inside the home), and delivered like direct mailHowever, we believe AdLabels are better than direct mail and most other media:

  • Ultimately Targetedthe recipient just bought a related product yesterday, and you know what it is
  • Can’t Be Avoidedcustomers can’t miss the bold color, and must accept and physically handle the message
  • Built-in Proof-of-Performance: 99.9% Guaranteed Delivery – Thanks UPS & FedEx!
  • Definitely Not “Junk”Desired, doesn’t need to be opened, won’t get thrown away
  • Quick-To-MarketPossible to be in market within 12 days
  • Exclusive PresentationWith magazine-quality reproduction
  • Multiple ImpressionsFrom shipping, delivery, recipient, families, officemates
  • Smartphone Integration: Capture customer data with QR codes & social media

: books, electronics, apparel, office supplies, shoes, home improvement, etc.

Buy-The-Network: create massive brand awareness, reach online shoppers, home decision makers, heavy TV viewers, etc.

Each Delivery of  Your Ad is Tracked: with a unique number

React Quickly to Market Shifts/Opportunities: respond in days, not months

Implied Endorsement: by retailer and/or product manufacturer

Recipients are in a comfortable, uncluttered environment where they make daily decisions, are near a computer and TV viewing, and excited to have received their delivered box!