For Retailers

Does your company ship packages to consumers?

What if there were an easy way to save money and unlock new profits from your operations with no need to hire additional staff or increase corporate overhead?

There is—become a Channel Partner with Boxstar!


Your website results in sales to a consumer group extremely valuable to marketers: Shoppers. But now, they’re Buyers. The profile of these buyers and what they purchase are often relevant to brands offering goods and services different from yours.

Boxstar brings together our Channel Partners, Advertisers and active Buyers via the seamless integration of eye-catching, full-color advertisements and standard shipping labels. We call them, AdLabels.

By becoming a Channel Partner, Boxstar presents your outgoing package volumes to non-competing brands wishing to enhance a customer’s delivery experience with relevant offers. AdLabels contain ads pre-printed on blank shipping labels delivered FREE to your facility. More than that, you also earn Guaranteed Revenue just for using them in place of your current labels!

That means savings plus ongoing income for simply doing what you’re doing now. And you retain full control, with pre-approval of each advertiser and program.


  • Get paid guaranteed fees from non-competing, complimentary brands
  • Up-sell and cross-promote your own offers
  • Capture customer data with QR codes and social media integration
  • Re-engage buyers at the time of delivery, influence behavior, boost loyalty
  • Inclusion in a national network – attract leading national marketers
  • Consumers receive relevant ads to product within days of purchase

Boxstar leverages existing e-commerce distribution and sales with AdLabels and technology to help e-tailers extend their reach, deepen their relationship with customers, and monetize the results.

We manage the entire promotional cycle, turn key, including; business development, sales agreements, production of creative, data capture, conversion and analytics, market research, campaign reporting, billing and disbursements and much more!

So if you’re interested in cutting old costs and making new money—while providing your customers an innovative and enhanced experience when they receive your products—let’s talk!